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What is a Puritan?

From 1580 to 1720 a group of Christians originated in Britain, sprouted in places in Europe and dominated New England. The church of England refusing to follow Scripture or take seriously the fear of God compelled the most dedicated to … Continue reading

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Is Gender the Right Word?

Why is the word “gender” used constantly today rather than the word “sex”? Are there any benefits to the term “gender” that are not included with the term sex to refer to male and female? Should Christians use the word … Continue reading

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33 Shadows of the New Covenant in Esther

If you have read Esther, I can assume you have seen the Invisible Hand of providence working all things for the good of God’s chosen people. The theme is “Deliverance of God’s People.” And those people are the Jews, the … Continue reading

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Jonathan Edwards, The Early, Accidental Dispensationalist

While studying today, I came across a list of Jonathan Edwards’ fascinating answers to objections about who can take the Lord’s Table. Edwards’ is answering this objection: “If sinners ate the OT Passover, why can’t they take the NT Lord’s … Continue reading

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Total Depravity Applied to Elections

If we believe that the heart of man is corrupt (Jer. 17:9), man naturally hates Jesus (John 7:7), his moral reasoning is twisted (Tit. 1:15), and without being united to Christ he can do nothing truly good (John 15:5), then … Continue reading

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An Improvement on The LGBT+ Acronym

The control of names is a vital function of leadership. Adam named the beasts not only as a symbol, but as the first practical step toward ranching, farming, and animal husbandry. Would Cain have done a good thing had he … Continue reading

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Praying for America in Africa: A Fourth of July Christian Reflection

By Tim Cantrell My wife and I are Americans who have now lived more of our lives on African soil than on American soil, for the past 25 years and counting.  All five of our kids were born in Africa, … Continue reading

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Pride Discovered in 12 Common Practices

1. Imagining that whatever strengths I have are somehow originating and sourced from and intrinsic to myself.For who regards you as superior? What do you have that you did not receive? And if you did receive it, why do you … Continue reading

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Pictures of Christian Dignity

Christian faithfulness includes learning to talk the way Scripture talks. This is not easy because sin complicates the simplest things, bogs down the most effortless tasks, and pulls the soul of track. God does call believers slaves and sheep. But … Continue reading

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Pictures of Humility

Scripture speaks in pictures commonly showing us in metaphors the right way to imagine ourselves. Rarely do we think consciously of the pictures that control our relationships, responses, and ambitions. This year in reading and rereading the Psalms, the images … Continue reading

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