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My Booklist From 2020

Awards: Book of the Year: John Bunyan, The Holy War Surprise of the Year: Daryl Wingerd, Divorce and Remarriage Worst of the Year: Ansari, Islam to the Modern Mind Scoring: 0     The book was notable for lacking this category repeatedly.1     … Continue reading

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8 Reasons People Attend False Churches

After church on Sunday, four of us began discussing why people attend churches that do not preach the gospel. Here are the answers we came up with. To meet with friends To be protected from witchcraft To be entertained To … Continue reading

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20 Questions for Pastors Who Believe Divorce is Permissible

In the past, I have listed the arguments for divorce and against divorce. If you are not familiar with the debate or arguments, then please read those posts. This morning I finished reading Daryl Wingerd’s excellent Divorce and Remarriage: A … Continue reading

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Obedience That Dishonored God

To the government or king Doeg the Edomite obeys the king to murder 85 men (1 Sam. 22:18-19). The men of Keilah would have obeyed the king by delivering up David after he had just saved them (1 Sam. 23:12). … Continue reading

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Disobedience That Honored God

Against government Shiphrah and Puah disobey the Egyptian government (Ex. 1:17). Moses disobeyed the Egyptians government when he defended the cruel taskmaster (Ex. 2:11-12; cf. Heb. 11:24-27). Moses disobeyed the Pharaoh by sending the plagues (Ex. 5-10). Rahab disobeyed the … Continue reading

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29 Evidences That Christ Loves Sinners

Even before Good Friday Christ loved sinners… Christ restricted Himself to a six foot body that He might explain God to a race of men living in deadly darkness while the fullness of His divine glory was veiled (John 1:18; … Continue reading

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Seven Types of Pastor in Africa in 2020

Recently, I received a text message with 12 types of pastors in Africa. But the list needed to be reorganized and reduced a little. Here are the seven most common pastors I have seen these days. 1. The Illogical Pastor … Continue reading

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A Theology of Work in 50 Scriptural Observations

1 God is the first worker. 1 God’s work requires mental activity and planning. 1 Completed work pleased God. 1 As a worker, God is detail-oriented. 1:28 Work came before sin. 1:28 Man is given authority and responsibility to control … Continue reading

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The 95 Theses Against the Prosperity Gospel

To be nailed to the doors of any church with a name like “Glory Barn” or “Fire Tabernacle” or “Holy Ghost International Centre.” Prosperity Gospel The prosperity gospel urges men to love money, comfort, or things of this earth whereas … Continue reading

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50 Questions to Ask the Text

Who is speaking? To whom is this verse written? (e.g. believers, pastors, Jews, etc.) Is this verse a question, answer, argument, or proposition? Is this verse part of a narrative, a poem, an epistle, a parable, or a prophecy? What … Continue reading

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