The Great Edifice of Scholarship

Written from one demon to another:

As a result, university libraries today are littered with forgotten and useless dissertations, each one a brick in the Great Edifice of Scholarship. They are usually written on arcane subjects, favoured by intellectually insecure, who hope that they will not be subject to adverse criticism from their colleagues on subjects that none of them knows (or cares) about. We have so centred their attention on brick-making that we have made them virtually incapable of becoming architects.

The practice of literary criticism today produces articles laden with cumbersome jargon, intended to boost the self-esteem of the authors in the mistaken notion, promulgated by us, that their incomprehensible multisyllabic verbiage bestows intellectual cache and dignity.

From a letter by Slashreap to Scardagger compiled for us by Richard Platt, As One Devil to Another, pages 18-19

This compilation of letters carries C. S. Lewis’ tone better than Alcorn’s bold Lord Foulgrin’s Letters. Almost every page of Platt is quotable, fresh, and useful. An excellent Christmas gift.

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2 Responses to The Great Edifice of Scholarship

  1. Keith Call says:

    That’s a crushing quote! It is particularly ironic that the publisher of that book is staffed with graduates of schools who adore scholarship and lengthy, learned dissertations. Did the editors realize that this author was spoofing them and their colleagues? I’ve got my doubts…! Many evangelicals, including some big names, are totally oblivious when the finger of accusation is pointing back at them.

  2. Seth Meyers says:

    Crushing quotes comes from the best given gifts. Thanks be to the giver!

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