Six Evidences that Fundamentalists Are Sinfully Dismissive of Theology

Recently a friend passed on to me a little cluster of four sermons on “Theology Matters” by fundamentalism’s Lloyd-Jones’, Mark Minnick. His first message summarized the following list, except that he included an “if” at the beginning of each one so as not to indict the entire group.

1. A dislike for reading.

2. Suspicious of careful theologians.

3. Consistently handle theology inaccurately. (Knowing the definitions of terms, the position of their opponents, and historical arguments)

4. Unwilling or unable to face and defeat doctrinal aberrations within the movement.

5. Emphasis on counseling, management, and music instead of a Bible teaching ministry.

6. A man-centered preaching focus.

While not every fundamentalist fits this list, neither is every woman a bad boxer; but in general these traits are far too common. How shall we repent if we cannot even admit the problem? At the time he preached these (2003) I think I would have been a good bad example of most of the list. Why didn’t anyone have the guts to tell me?

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