A Prayer for God’s Sheep Scattered Amongst the Muslims

Father of all prodigals,

What has turned away from the right path more than the Jews who reject their Messiah, or  the Muslims who see your son as one more voice supporting a petty, works-based religion?

Adding to this high and terrible insult, they love kingdoms on earth and evangelism with the sword more than the heavenly countries that the holy men of old looked for.
Though our Lord offered His life for sinful men,
Though He suffered shame as an innocent man,
Though He prayed for His murderers while they were killing Him,
Though He took on Himself the guilt of the world,
Though He gave up His spirit,
They reject this ultimate love in the most despicable manner by denying that it ever occurred.

Not a day paces in our present world without someone being physically attacked in the name of their demonic deity. While many are not violent themselves, they condone in their sacred writings and in their silence and in their approbation the murder and maiming of these victims.

Truly, their sins have filled the earth deserving a second flood.

But you are a God who glories in your mercy.
You are a Father who rejoices to call those who refuse to hear.
You are a King who exercises power even over the wills of His subjects.
We pray to One who has already conquered us when we had served our old master.

Do we not have many examples of your over-powering love?
Do we not know irresistible grace?
Do we not love you because you first loved us?
Do we not acknowledge that we were weak and helpless,
Foolish and twisted,
Angry and agressive,
Apathetic and lazy,
Sinful and sinning?

The chiefest among us took the lives of your children as an act of worship to his idol before you called him with such power that he fell off his horse and submitted to Your Son.

For this overwhelming power,
We stand in awe and hope that you will move in a slow and steady march through the ranks of this foul religion calling again many from darkness to light.

For this grace,
We love You that though men set themselves against You to mock Your name, Your Son, and Your laws, the unquenchable flame of your divine joy in saving sinners will change even Muslims.

And we have great confidence as we intercede for our lost yet loved Muslim friends since we pray with the authority of Jesus Christ who rejoices to find His sheep.


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