A “Christ-centred” Church

Tonight, I went to a miracle crusade at a church that advertises itself as “Christ-centred.” Alpheus, the pastor at Elim, as well as another member, Steven, came with me. There are a few short videos posted on Facebook. Here are a few quotes from the speaker:

“I just prepared my message while sitting there during the songs.”

“I like EFT machines (credit card machines) because Satan cannot tear them up like envelopes.” [The group had just purchased one of these machines for use during their offerings.]

“The demon in her said, ‘She will never give [money in the offering]!’
I said, ‘Satan, out!’ And then she gave!”

“Sometimes you need to tell your wife, ‘Shut up!'”

“AIDS is a spirit, a demon.”

“Your aids is not because you were loose.”

“I cast the spirit of stinginess out of that tither’s envelope.”

There was no mention of the cross or repentance or humility.

I went to this crusade because Steven’s mother has been going to this church and is unable to see the errors. Also, I had previously met one of the pastors who claims that he “hates” the prosperity gospel and only preaches repentance and Christ crucified. This pastor was sitting in the crowd when I arrived, and here is the letter that I sent to him tonight.

Dear Mr. ______,

Well, the way prosperity teachers always handle me is they don’t talk to me anymore once they realize that I know they really love prosperity and money more than Jesus Christ. So if you don’t want to contact me anymore then I know that you know that you are in that group as well.

But if you really do love the Lord Jesus and not the wicked, false, Satanic doctrines that were preached at that conference tonight, I will be glad to see you again in the future. Nothing would encourage me more than to talk to you if you were willing to make a break with such a terrible religion. My friend, I reach out to you in compassion and hope that you are not lost to Christ, but your soul is in great danger as long as you play around and hold hands with such terrible false teachers.

You said you love evangelism, but there was no evangelism tonight – no cross of Jesus! No command to repent! No warning of the fires of hell!

I should close with hope and prayer that we will talk again because you are not entirely controlled by the demons that control that wicked religion. I shall wait eagerly to hear from you.


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