My Booklist From 2020


  • Book of the Year: John Bunyan, The Holy War
  • Surprise of the Year: Daryl Wingerd, Divorce and Remarriage
  • Worst of the Year: Ansari, Islam to the Modern Mind


0     The book was notable for lacking this category repeatedly.
1     The book dipped into this category at times.
2     The book consistently demonstrated this category.

Non-Fiction Categories:

  • Weight: Did the book ask and answer the most germane questions about an important topic?
  • Research: Did the writer demonstrate a thorough command of the subject?
  • Style: Did the theme, vocabulary, and composition represent an enduring standard?
  • Logic: Did the book model logic in definitions, formatting, and focus?
  • Affections: Was some truth presented powerfully to the affections?
28 in 2020 ________________
Lukas, Carrie. The PIG to Women, Sex, and Feminism. 2006, 221 pp. What women most want will not be found via feminism.221207
Paton, Maggie. Letters and Sketches from the New Hebrides. Original 1865-1889, reprint 2003. 382 pp. A godly woman writes letters on life and ministry from an untouched island. It is insightful, interesting, and humorous especially if you are a missionary.222219
Murray, Iain. A Scottish Christian Heritage. 2006. 402 pp. Scotland’s amazing history includes revivals that have much to teach us about piety and doctrinal fidelity today.2222210
Miravalle, John Mark. Beauty. 2019. 157 pp. Man yearns for the beauty which is hinted at in art and ultimately found in God. Not much Scripture.122117
Ansari, Fazlur. Islam to the Modern Mind. 1970, 72, printed in 1999. 326 pp. A series of lectures given in SA to Muslims on common Islamic doctrines and practices.110002
Jones, Mark. Knowing Christ. 2015, 250 pp. Second time through these meditations after choosing it as book of the year for 2019.2222210
Lewis, C.S. The Screwtape Letters. Ca 1945, 160 pp. Lack of knowledge about human nature leads many into sin.2222210
Behe, Michael. Darwin’s Black Box. 2006. 329 pp. The cell shows irreducible complexity that could not possibly have evolved.122117
Bunyan, John. The Holy War. Perhaps the greatest book ever written outside the Bible.2222210
Marshall, Tim. Prisoners of Geography. 2016, 320 pp. The geography of the world’s major countries influences and sometimes dictates their far-reaching decisions.221218
Wingerd, Daryl. Divorce and Remarriage. 2009. 158 pp. It is always a sin to initiate a divorce or remarriage if the spouse is still alive.222219
Wylie, James. The History of the Waldenses. 1880?, 205 pp. In the mountains of Italy and France, godly believers fought against tyranny and endured persecution for hundreds of years. Some breathtaking passages.2222210
Baxter, Richard. A Call to the Unconverted. 1657, 134 pp. There is every reason in Heaven and earth to turn to Christ and live, and therefore the most compelling, gripping, logical, Biblical arguments ought to be blended with all the passion that divine grace has given to a Christian for his use in converting sinners.2222210
Adams, Jay. Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage. 1980, 99 pp. Divorce and remarriage are possible under a great many circumstances loosely bound by the categories of sexual sin and the desire of an unbeliever.011103
Postman, Neil. Technopoly. 1992, 222 pp. Since all technology changes man often in subtle, unexpected, and powerful ways, it must be received cautiously and held in throttle lest unforeseen consequences devastate cultural virtue.2222210
Brown, Scott. It Can Be Done. 2009, 123 pp.
These hearty rhymes from yesteryear
Will make a man, if he will hear
As a boy ‘fore he’s grown old,
To follow his father’s God.
Sowell, Thomas. Race and Culture. 1994, 331 pp. The differences between racial groups is largely based on personal behavior patterns, willingness to change, work habits, attitudes toward finances, and moral characteristics.222219
Bradley, Maureen, ed. Worthy is the Lamb. 2004. 374 pp. A collection of the best Puritan poems. 2222210
Gregory, John. The Seven Laws of Teaching. 1884, 144 pp. The science of teaching must be mastered according to seven basic laws.222219
Schultz, Bob. Created for Work. 2006, 181 pp. To be men, boys need to learn a culture of work from Scripture.222219
Taylor, Richard. The Disciplined Life, 1962, 102 pp. Self-discipline is a Christian virtue.211127
Binning, Hugh. Christian Love. 1735, new edition 2004, 81 pp. A 26-year-old’s insightful comments on the practical applications of love.122229
Postman, Neil. Amusing Ourselves to Death. 1985, 184 pp. Americans have been programmed especially by the television to expect entertainment in every sphere of life.122229
Schweikart, Larry and Dave Dougherty. The PIG to The American Revolution. 2017, 324 pp. America is exceptional because it alone among all the countries in history was founded by a citizenry committed to private property, common law, free markets, and the Protestant religion.2222210
Chesterton, G. K. Orthodoxy. 1908, 155 pp. (audio, listened twice) Only the Christian faith in general and the Catholic church in particular makes sense of the world.112217
Baxter, Richard. Autobiography, republished and abridged by Christian Focus, 1998, 166 pp. The best 25% of the original autobiography with a few pages from other contemporary accounts. Excellent.222129
Owen, John. The Glory of Christ. 1684, reprint 1987, 190 pp. The soul that would know God and keep off “spiritual decays” must fix his mind on each glory of Christ.2222210
Wilson, Doug. Five Cities That Ruled the World. 2009, 257 pp. These five cities made unique and dramatic contributions to the world.211116

Fiction Categories:

  • Biblical: Did the author honor Scriptural truth or a Christian worldview even if unwittingly?
  • Creative: Did the author grip the imagination by inventing characters, situations, or other aspects of reality?
  • Style: Did the theme, vocabulary, and composition represent an enduring standard?
  • Credible: Were the characters, plot turns, and relationships believable?
  • Affections: Was some truth presented powerfully to the affections?
3 in 2020
Orczy, Emmuska. The Scarlet Pimpernel. Though he ought to have loved his wife by listening and asking better questions, Sir Percy took risks in a noble cause and devoted his life to preserving the lives of others.122128
Harris, W. S. Mr. World and Miss Church Member. 1901, 315 pp. Miss Church Member tries to evangelize Mr. World, but he tempts her to walk on his road rather than being compelled to walk the narrow path.221229
Stowe, Harriet. Uncle Tom’s Cabin. 1852, 477 pp. Many cruelties were preserved legally during slavery in America (even though the legacy of the Civil War has been an expanding federal government).222129
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