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Is Rap Music Sinful?

Some time back, one godly man asked another if rap music was sinful. The question of course pointed to a deeper debate about culture, meaning, and beauty. Had I been asked, here is my answer. Rap music is sinful like… … Continue reading

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The Fourfold Wrath of God

Even in our hymns we praise the glory of God’s anger. Till on the cross as Jesus died,   The wrath of God was satisfied.  The love of God is wonderfully complex, but it is not alone. In at least … Continue reading

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Has Beauty Lost Her Voice?

A high-domed auditorium with classic wood trim speaks to everyone who enters it even if they don’t realize they have joined the conversation. A 30-piece orchestra sends a message too. In the words of R. C. Sproul, “Every form is … Continue reading

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11 Reasons Churchplanting in Poor Areas is Difficult

Paul preached at Thessalonica for 3 weeks before leaving the area because of persecution (Acts 17:1-10). When he left, a solid church was planted whose faith was spoken of throughout the world (1 Thess. 1:8). Yet, churchplanters in the poor … Continue reading

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8 Ways Women Are Better Than Men

In creating women, God gave the world some wonderful gifts that He did not unveil when He formed men. Women are uniquely vessels of God’s beauty, goodness, and truth, and yes, this post is filled with stereotypes. Not every woman … Continue reading

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6 Reasons to Love Young Earth Creation

Last year I made a list of Biblical reasons to hold to a Young Earth. By that term, I mean thousands of years not millions. No one knows precisely the age of the earth, but that’s not what is being … Continue reading

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Six Evidences that Fundamentalists Are Sinfully Dismissive of Theology

Recently a friend passed on to me a little cluster of four sermons on “Theology Matters” by fundamentalism’s Lloyd-Jones’, Mark Minnick. His first message summarized the following list, except that he included an “if” at the beginning of each one so … Continue reading

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Evangelistic Questions

Choose one of these questions to try this week. I commonly use this list in evangelism. Yes, you may notice the influence of D. James Kennedy, John Van Gelderen, and Ray Comfort. Getting to the Gospel 1.    If you were … Continue reading

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Ethical Dilemmas of a Missionary

Since arriving in South Africa, I have been stretched in ways that I didn’t expect. Probably the most unexpected was the swirl of ethical decisions that I found confronting me at one time or another. So here is a top … Continue reading

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Economic Principles for Children

As I have grappled with how to minister with poverty all around me, here are some principles that I have compiled from many different sources. Our college graduates have received them as well as the young people in our youth … Continue reading

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