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The Godly Use of a Bad Attitude

Bad ideas deserve a bad attitude. Is it a virtue to look on the bright side of the slave trade? Should the father have had a positive outlook as the prodigal was exhausting his resources? Did the Lord Jesus Christ … Continue reading

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Critical Race Theory at Central Baptist Theological Seminary

Are there none left from the ranks of the previously militant? I and a number of others would like to know what we can expect from CBTS. Continue reading

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8 Reasons People Attend False Churches

After church on Sunday, four of us began discussing why people attend churches that do not preach the gospel. Here are the answers we came up with. To meet with friends To be protected from witchcraft To be entertained To … Continue reading

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Everyone Should Love America

God has apparently loved America, and ultimately that is the best reason why we should too. Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter Does Not Care About Black People

BLM has an agenda, but defending black people is not germane to it. Continue reading

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20 Questions for Pastors Who Believe Divorce is Permissible

In the past, I have listed the arguments for divorce and against divorce. If you are not familiar with the debate or arguments, then please read those posts. This morning I finished reading Daryl Wingerd’s excellent Divorce and Remarriage: A … Continue reading

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Obedience That Dishonored God

To the government or king Doeg the Edomite obeys the king to murder 85 men (1 Sam. 22:18-19). The men of Keilah would have obeyed the king by delivering up David after he had just saved them (1 Sam. 23:12). … Continue reading

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Disobedience That Honored God

Against government Shiphrah and Puah disobey the Egyptian government (Ex. 1:17). Moses disobeyed the Egyptians government when he defended the cruel taskmaster (Ex. 2:11-12; cf. Heb. 11:24-27). Moses disobeyed the Pharaoh by sending the plagues (Ex. 5-10). Rahab disobeyed the … Continue reading

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Three Reasons The Holy War Surpasses The Pilgrim’s Progress

Were a short list composed of the greatest works ever written by man outside the Bible, certainly The Pilgrim’s Progress by the uneducated Baptist John Bunyan should be on that list. His mind dripped Scripture and Christian’s journey to the … Continue reading

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Should Christians be Concerned About Freedom?

If your only spiritual concerns deal with the propositions surrounding Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, you have spiritual eye problems. Some think themselves particularly far-seeing because on top of doctrines like atonement and inerrancy, they also care about election and … Continue reading

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