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An Above Average Pastor

Failure is still possible for those who are above average if the average is dismally low. In the village of Bungeni where we have been evangelizing since January 2021, I met a pastor who teaches in a large, beautiful building. … Continue reading

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Keep Studies in Their Place

Richard Baxter inThe Reformed Pastor urged pastors to spend time in evangelism, especially in instructing their own people to be sure not to lose one of their own church members. He then answered a number of objections that people may bring … Continue reading

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They Would Rather Sleep

For an entire year a young man I’ll call Brian came to hear the Bible preaching in the “Blue Prison” section of Kuthama Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison where he is serving a life sentence for murder. Every Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Sale: 80 Years of Salvation on Clearance!

Here is a picture I took recently at a Muslim shop. If you can’t see the text: “(Recite 80 times) In the name of Allah (S. W. T.), the Beneficient, the Merciful 80 Years of Sins Forgiven Rasulullah (S. A. … Continue reading

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Another Reason to Love Election

Friday afternoon, I found myself alone with Harry Chauke, a 19 year old young man who has been attending our church for about three years. During that time, he has repeatedly arrived with friends at our worship services or Bible … Continue reading

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Expect Our Children to Know the Lord

After Bible class today, Colin (age 5) told me with fear that he wants to be a Christian. Today we learned two questions: Q 58: Can you be saved if you have no desire to follow Jesus? A: A believer … Continue reading

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Evangelistic Questions

Choose one of these questions to try this week. I commonly use this list in evangelism. Yes, you may notice the influence of D. James Kennedy, John Van Gelderen, and Ray Comfort. Getting to the Gospel 1.    If you were … Continue reading

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A Church’s Silent Messages Cannot be Ignored

My teammate and I pastor small churches in a pair of rural villages in South Africa. At a service where both churches were present, the same question came to my mind on two occasions as I sat, sang, watched, prayed, … Continue reading

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Evaluating the “Altar Call”

Somewhere around 400 times I have led altar calls in my early days of ministry. Somewhere around 2,500 times in my life I have stood as the pastor called people to make a public decision at the end of a … Continue reading

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Marks of an African Indigenous Church

Beginning somewhere around the early 1900’s Africans began forming their own congregations outside of the official denominations of the Europeans. Historians and missiologists now classify this group as the African Indigenous Church (AIC). These independent assemblies have become the most … Continue reading

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