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Shifting the Standard for Fathers

One of the central qualifications for a father in a congregation is that he be able to demonstrate for the people what a godly, effective father can do in the home. Instead of this, we have decided to substitute three … Continue reading

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Kindling Steel

The anger of a meek man is like fire struck out of steel, hard to be got out, but when it is out, soon gone. Matthew Henry, The Quest for Meekness and Quietness of Spirit

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How Culture Teaches

Propositions are critically important, but not all knowledge is propositional. Unlike science, culture is not a repository of factual information or theoretical truth, nor is it a kind of training in skills, whether rhetorical or practical. Yet it is a … Continue reading

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Our Real Danger

For every careless saint who burns himself out and breaks up his family with misdirected zeal, I venture, there are a thousand who coast with the world, treating Jesus like a helpful add-on, but not as an all-satisfying, all-authoritative King … Continue reading

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The Foundation of Christian Logic

The way in which we reason, how we evaluate claims to the truth, the standards we adopt for knowing, etc.–is itself an ethical matter. … A person cannot have it both ways regarding his final standard or ultimate reference point. … Continue reading

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Biblical Calling is the Creation of New Desires

Jeremiah Burrows on God’s calling: The work of grace, when it is first wrought, has the name “vocation” or “calling.” What is it for a man to be called? “Give diligence to make your calling and election sure.” To be … Continue reading

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American Exceptionalism

When I read Roger Scruton’s thoughts on America, I am filled with gratitude for the citizenship that I was blessed at birth with. Take away America, its freedom, its optimism, its institutions, its Judeo-Christian beliefs, and its educational tradition, and … Continue reading

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Scruton vs. Carson on Culture

Roger Scruton, Culture Counts (2007) 1-2 and 106: By “culture” I mean what has been called “high culture”–the accumulation of art, literature, and humane reflection that has stood the “test of time” and established a continuing tradition of reference and allusion … Continue reading

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Divine Generosity

His benefits are so many, so various, so minute, that they often escape our observation while they exactly meet our wants. Spurgeon on Psalm 116:12

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Some Results from the Internet

[With the internet] we have been blessed with the nanosecond attention span, the erosion of patience, the exponential growth of credulity and gullibility, the silent proliferation of pornography, and the removal of most of the societal barriers that formerly obstructed … Continue reading

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