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Power From on High: The Amazing Success of Charles Spurgeon

Introduction Listen to the lecture. The statements of the Book of Acts startle the imagination. 3,000 saved in one day (2:41); a few days later, 5,000 more (4:4). New spiritual births were taking place each day (2:41). Solid, enduring churches … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Spurgeon’s Church

There is gold all around us, yet it stands in unexpected places. When my colleague reviewed The Forgotten Spurgeon by Murray, it prompted me to check out the book that has been waiting on my shelves. Murray titles should not … Continue reading

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Divine Generosity

His benefits are so many, so various, so minute, that they often escape our observation while they exactly meet our wants. Spurgeon on Psalm 116:12

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Six Reasons I Strive to be Christ-centered in my Preaching

Having attempted a definition of preaching Christ, I would like to list some reasons why I strive to be Christ-centered when I preach. 1. Inspired NT commentary on OT texts and events. Recently, as I read through John 6 in … Continue reading

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Metaphoric Fire

Now do not begin telling me that that is metaphorical fire: who cares for that?  If a man were to threaten to give me a metaphorical blow on the head, I should care very little about it; he would be … Continue reading

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