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The Friendly Enemy or The Dangerous Friend

There are two cultures, they are in fierce opposition to each other, and it is necessary for a great debate to ensue about the matter… First, technology is a friend. It makes life easier, cleaner, and longer. Can anyone ask … Continue reading

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Where the Differences Lie

Another blog post that should be a book. This comes from David de Bruyn at Towards Conservative Christianity. Where the Differences Lie April 25, 2015 Useful debate takes place when sparring parties understand their opponent’s position, and can represent it in … Continue reading

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There’s More to Worship Music Than Propositions

Saved in my digital library are a collection of about 10 songs that I formed into a playlist for running in the background as I am working at my desk. Now, I think the whole idea of running songs in … Continue reading

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How Culture Teaches

Propositions are critically important, but not all knowledge is propositional. Unlike science, culture is not a repository of factual information or theoretical truth, nor is it a kind of training in skills, whether rhetorical or practical. Yet it is a … Continue reading

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American Exceptionalism

When I read Roger Scruton’s thoughts on America, I am filled with gratitude for the citizenship that I was blessed at birth with. Take away America, its freedom, its optimism, its institutions, its Judeo-Christian beliefs, and its educational tradition, and … Continue reading

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Scruton vs. Carson on Culture

Roger Scruton, Culture Counts (2007) 1-2 and 106: By “culture” I mean what has been called “high culture”–the accumulation of art, literature, and humane reflection that has stood the “test of time” and established a continuing tradition of reference and allusion … Continue reading

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The Message of Hair

Recently, I was striding through a mall at a fairly rapid gait when I paused to read a brief paragraph written below the sign for a hair stylist. It was a trendy little shop–actually more of a kiosk. Had I … Continue reading

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Is Music Immune?

If Christians recognize anti-biblical values in just about every cultural matter, why do they assume that music alone is immune from this cultural decay? Ken Myers as quoted by Scott Aniol

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What is Culture?

Tim Keller’s praise for D. A. Carson’s new book on culture demonstrates the importance of the term in question: “There is no more crucial issue facing us today than the relationship of the church and the gospel to contemporary culture.” … Continue reading

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A Hint from a Jury Summons

Thus, my jury summons for 29 May 2013, “Do not wear shorts.” To fulfill my duty as a resident of Illinois, I have to take a day off work, travel downtown, and be prepared to serve as a responsible member … Continue reading

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