What Do You Talk to a Missionary About?

Not long after arriving back in the US, the returning missionary is likely to hear that most unanswerable of questions, “How’s Africa?” Since that question is so common, and since it is so difficult for a number of reasons, here’s a list of questions the next time you have to endure time with a missionary in case things are getting dull.

  1. Lifestyle: How is your life similar to life in America? How is it different?
  2. Occupation: What do you do each day?
  3. Language: Are you learning a language? How is it going? Are you discouraged?
  4. Sins: What sins might a missionary be especially tempted with that another Christian in the US might not?
  5. Devotion: How have you been spiritually? How has Christ become more precious to you? What verses or Scriptural ideas keep you persevering in ministry?
  6. Reading: What books have you been reading? Do you have any book recommendations?
  7. Friendships: Who are your closest friends? Do you have any close friends among the Africans?
  8. Success: Have you had any encouragement in ministry recently? Can you tell me two or three things that have encouraged you?
  9. Challenges: What is your greatest challenge in ministry? What other difficulties wear you down?
  10. Church: What do your church services look like? How are they like ours? How are they different? How is your church managing when you are not there? Will your church ever stand on its own?
  11. Ministries: Do you have other ministries that take a lot of your time? (college, other evangelistic efforts, etc.)
  12. Prayer: How can I pray for you?


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2 Responses to What Do You Talk to a Missionary About?

  1. Paul says:

    This is a great list, Seth. So how’s Africa?
    This is also the first comment I have ever left on a blog. Do you feel special?

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