Vanity Fair’s Effect on a Christian

That Christian is in a bad state of mind who has suffered himself, by attention to worldly cares, or by light conversation, or by gayety and vanity, or by reading an improper book, or by eating or drinking too much, or by late hours at night among the thoughtless and the vain, to be brought into such a condition that he cannot engage in prayer with proper feelings. There has been evil done to the soul if it be not prepared for communion with God at all times, and if it would not find pleasure in approaching His holy throne.

Albert Barnes

Well said, Mr. Barnes. The soul may be brought into a “condition” where it “cannot engage in prayer” rightly–specifically because the “proper feelings” have been rendered inoperable. If the presence of these feelings can help avoid a great “evil” then it would behoove us to discover and master them at any cost.

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