Economic Principles for Children

As I have grappled with how to minister with poverty all around me, here are some principles that I have compiled from many different sources. Our college graduates have received them as well as the young people in our youth group. The earthy wording–both loose enough to use and solid enough to convey the truth–is not intended for critical review, but it should put the economic cookies on a lower shelf.

1.    God gave us money to show that money is not our god, God is our God.
2.    Wealth can be created.
3.    The government cannot create wealth; only businesses can create wealth.
4.    The earth has enough wealth for everyone if people want to work to create it.
5.    Wealth grows slowly. It takes several generations for a nation to become wealthy.
6.    Work is good.
7.    Men have to learn how to work because we are all naturally lazy.
8.    If fathers teach their children to work hard, the country can be rich.
9.    The gospel of Jesus Christ should make us hard workers.
10.    Christians should never waste time, effort, money, tools, or knowledge.
11.    We can create wealth more quickly if we learn and use logic.
12.    Prices are set by all the businesses trying to sell more than the other businesses.
13.    When government controls prices, it makes other things more expensive.
14.    A smaller government is better for the economy than a larger one.
15.    Poverty comes from sin, lack of tools, and natural disasters.
16.    Sin is the greatest cause of poverty.
17.    Of all the sins, laziness creates poverty the most quickly.
18.    Tools can create wealth quickly.
19.    Since man is sinful, the government should not give money to poor people.
20.    If a sinner gets money from the government, he will learn to avoid work.
21.    God owns everything, but He loans it to man for a little while.
22.    Christian men provide for the needs of their wives and children.
23.    Biblical fatherhood has an immediate and powerful impact on the economy.
24.    Christians should give their money generously, happily, and wisely.
25.    Every church should provide for its own pastor, missionaries, and widows.
26.    Self-control is the greatest key to handling finances.
27.    Saving a little money for a long time is the best way to get what you want.
28.    Don’t spend money if you don’t have it.
29.    Many companies tempt Christians to break the 10th commandment.
30.    Money can make us happier in eternity, if we spend it well.

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3 Responses to Economic Principles for Children

  1. bob van wingerden says:

    the greatest poverty is that of the soul

  2. Alpheus says:

    Jesus Christ has not died on the cross to alleviate poverty as some ministers usually say, but for the forgiveness of sin, which causes laziness thereby exposing human to poverty.

  3. Country Parson says:

    Excellent – needs to be taught to children and adults in all of our churches! We fail to see cause and effect in so many areas of life. Thank you for your work!

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