26 Ways to Pray for a Teachable Spirit

Each month this year, we have been praying a different Biblical prayer each day. For September, we are praying Job 34:32, “Teach me what I do not see…” Here are 26 categories, nearly one for each day of the month, to guide us in our prayers.

1.    Show me the sins of my habits or personality. 

2.    Show me the sins of my youth. 

3.    Show me the sins of my speech. 

4.    Show me the sins of my foolish judgments. 

5.    Show me the sins of my thoughts. 

6.    Show me the sins of my worship. 

7.    Show me the sins that I rationalize and for which I make excuses. 

8.    Show me the sins of my money. 

9.    Show me my sins of omission.

10. Show me the sins of my relationships

11. Show me the sins of my church. 

12. Show me the sins that I have barely avoided. 

13. Show me my sins of ignorance. 

14. Show me my sins of presumption. 

15. Show me the consequences that I am enduring right now because of my previous wickedness. 

16. Show me the evil of Satan’s nature and devices.

17. Show me the importance of the prayers of Paul. 

18. Show me the meaning of God’s Words.

19. Show me the importance of the church. 

20. Show me the happiness of Heaven.

21. Show me the horror of Hell. 

22. Show me the beauty of Christ. 

23. Show me the glory of God. 

24. Show me the people whom I can talk to and the way to talk to them so they will come to the Savior.

25. Show me the way to pray and the weaknesses of my own prayers. 

26. Show me the love of God for me and His willingness to answer prayers.

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