Missions is the Most Heroic Effort to Save Lives: The Doctrine of Murder 5

  1. The murder of a soul is the worst of all deaths.

Duration: The second death, or the death of a soul endures for eternity (Matt. 16:26). The duration of this death is longer than the previous death.

The second death places a man without under the wrath of God without the dilution that he currently experiences right now with all of God’s common grace.

2. The great majority of souls in the world are subject to this worst of all deaths.

Satan is a murderer from the beginning and the god of this world who comes to kill and destroy.

But men themselves are guilty of self-destruction or eternal self-murder because they all know God in the most basic way (Rom. 1:21).

3. Evangelism is specifically designed to save men from this death.

Since soul murder is so evil and so common. Then evangelism is therefore, uniquely glorious.

4. But missions is an even greater demonstration of love and pity than evangelism in your local church.

Three reasons that missions is greater than evangelism in your local church or society.

First, missions requires the crossing of a culture into a new language and new geography. Missions generally entails the loss of family and the loss of that way of life which has become dear to you.

Second, missions requires a great amount of time. Saving men from the tragedy of soul murder cannot be done in today’s society in short term bursts.

William Carey, missionary to India in 1793—6 years before a convert.

Adoniram Judson, missionary to Burma in 1813—6 years before a convert

We have found that it usually takes 2 years before we see a convert. And that seems to be what other missionaries say so that we can conclude that in most fields of the world, missions requires an entire life.

Third, Missions takes place among people groups who have less light.

Peter says that the pagans have a useless way of life (1 Pet. 1:18). Cultures without God are “brutish” foolish, and vain (Jer. 10:3, 8). These are the people who bind the feet of little girls—China. These are the people who murder twins at birth—Tsongas. These are the people who call their women dogs—Burmese. These are the people who burn their widows—Indians. These are the people who beat their wives. These are the people who have no (or nearly no) inventions or initiative. Demonic religion reduces men to the most pitiable state which makes their societies very difficult to live in or work among.

Many of those who are subject to this eternal death have very little potential to hear the gospel. They may not have Bibles in their language. They may have Bibles, but no skill or desire to read. They may have skill to read, but no preachers. They may have skill and preachers (online or radio), but no churches.

The lost who have no self-replicating churches in their culture to reduce their terrible darkness and soften the horror of sin are objects of the pity of all Christians far more than a murder victim. Kindness is a fruit of the Spirit that has a direct missionary application. Christ is full of affection and compassion (Phil. 2:1). Jude tells us to save men with compassion, pulling them out of the fire (Jude 22-23). Ezekiel tells us that we must be faithful watchmen or have blood on our hands.

Since we know that we have an eternity of joy in front of us, how cold and hard and selfish must be that man who thinks very little of those he might reach.

And this is the ultimate end of murder. Soul murder reduces a man to the Lake of Fire. And missions would save the most pitiable from that eternal destruction.

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