Attractive Leadership

[William Carey] is most remarkable for his humility; he is a very superior man, and appears to know nothing about it.

The great man and the little child unite in him, and, as far as I can see, he has attained to the happy art of ruling and overruling in connection with the others mentioned, without his asserting his authority, or others feeling their subjection; and all is done without the least appearance of design on his part.

An E. Pritchett, missionary to Burma writing about Carey’s leadership of the mission team in 1811.

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  1. Andy Bonikowsky says:

    Very interesting. That is the best kind of leadership, closest to the ideal “style” of our Savior. I cringe when I hear of and see Christian pastors/leaders speaking and acting with dictatorial attitudes. It is contradictory and just plain sad.

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