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Whunga Baptist Church: A New Church in a Poor Area

A special joy known only to those who love the church of God rests on the birth of a new assembly of believers. After years of evangelism and preaching, the Whunga Baptist Church was officially formed on Sunday, 20 March … Continue reading

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Reasons Missionaries Can’t Get Along

1. They cannot overlook personal faults and idiosyncracies such as differences in communication style, sense of humor, perspectives on leadership, or common courtesy. 2. They are philosophically different regarding issues such as the use of American funds, the nature of … Continue reading

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Should a Pastor Cancel Church Services for a Funeral?

Funerals are common in Africa with an average life expectancy under 50 in most countries. In South Africa, funerals are often held on Saturday or Sunday, and rarely in the middle of the week. Furthermore, it is culturally expected for … Continue reading

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Attractive Leadership

[William Carey] is most remarkable for his humility; he is a very superior man, and appears to know nothing about it. The great man and the little child unite in him, and, as far as I can see, he has … Continue reading

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The Kind of Character that Makes History

One of Carey’s Indian language helpers said about him (when he was about 45), What kind of body has Carey Sahib? I cannot understand him. He never seems hungry nor tired, and never leaves a thing till it’s finished. As … Continue reading

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Laziness Can Be a Reason for Separation

Perhaps one of the most controversial aspects of Christian unity is the idea that Christians are obligated to break fellowship with other true Christians. In a given scenario, both are brothers in Christ, but the one is ethically bound to … Continue reading

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Help With Consistency

“As you think and write, keep asking how someone might find fault with what you say. This simple process–really only an outworking of Christian humility–will help you to avoid invalid arguments and inconsistencies.” John Frame, The Doctrine of the Knowledge … Continue reading

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William Carey on Success

Near the end of his life, the man who translated portions of the Bible into nearly two score languages said: “I can plod and persevere. That is my only genius. I can persevere in any definite pursuit. To this I … Continue reading

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