“Contemporary Worship at 11!”

When we sing praise to an everlasting God, or sing about a Redeemer who died for us over two millennia ago, but do so employing musical forms that imply that the past is passé, we are communicating a mixed message. If a contemporary-sounding hymn is otherwise excellent, then I think we can survive it, especially in small doses. But again, it would need to excel in the other criteria in order to compensate for its defect [in sounding contemporary].

And surely, surely, no well-thinking church that employed such forms would advertise that it was doing so [by putting “contemporary worship” on the church marquee]. Bad enough to do it on occasion; even worse to call attention to the doing of it. Imagine a sign outside a church that read: “Piano out of tune: Come sing with us!” Well, if we must use an out-of-tune piano, let us do so as best we can; but let us not advertise the liability.

David Gordon, Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns

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  1. zebranay says:

    I have always had a problem with contemporary music as it was hard to discern from today’s rock music. The lyrics might be God honoring but when I can’t hear them clearly it only reminds me of rock. Also there is a certain timeless love and devotion in the wording and music of older hymns, something that is sadly lacking in much of todays music. I feel that the artists of today are trying to reach the kids with something that sounds familiar to them rather than with the actual reality of what our Savior has done for them.

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