Science Fiction Rather than Creation

Though it’s too difficult to believe in a supreme Being who created the world, and though it is laughable to think that there is a written account that is inerrant, and though Jesus Christ’s claims can be scoffed away, here is an example of something solid and firm. An epistemological and philosophical foothold for the weary post-modern is now offered to us by Stuart Sutherland, PhD. And here is a précis of what we can expect under his tutelage:

Did Martian meteorites seed the young Earth with simple life forms? Investigate this intriguing hypothesis. … Could our planet have been seeded with life from elsewhere? How have natural forces conspired to remove most traces of life from the planet? And how has life itself responded with determination to survive and thrive in a multitude of astonishing forms? Learn about the amazing story of our world— its origins, extinctions, and evolutions—in the 36 lavishly illustrated lectures of A New History of Life. This is a gripping presentation that assumes no background in science.

They not only want us to believe this, but they think it is somehow easier to accept than the basic starting point of God. Furthermore, we are expected to pay for these lectures and honor the “scholar” who knows more than the Author of Genesis. After all, he has to know what he’s talking about because he has lavish illustrations to back it up. Honoring this kind of presentation deserves a place in the Rewarding Mediocrity Book of Remembrance.

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  1. Renee Buchko says:

    Loved this post Seth. I have lamented for a long time on the topic of why people believe (or want to believe) that extraterrestrials and anything occult are real and it is ok (ok ranging from enthusiastic to devout) but let talk begin of God creating everything and you are unrealistic and probably a religious fanatic. Is it really easier to believe that dead people can exist in our world or that people’s spirits can hang around after the body has departed or that aliens “seeded” our planet, than in an eternal God/Creator? Really?

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