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Is Evolution True? A Book Review of Francis Collins’ The Language of God

What could possibly make a man see the incredible complexity of the DNA code in the human genome and still come away with any respect for evolution? Answering that question is Francis Collins’ burden in these 11 chapters although he … Continue reading

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The Five Points of Taylorism

Recently, an influential evangelical, Justin Taylor pulled some reasons together that we should doubt young earth creationism. By Young Earth, as I’ve mentioned before, we do not mean 6,000 years, but rather no macroevolution. If we have no macroevolution, we … Continue reading

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6 Reasons to Love Young Earth Creation

Last year I made a list of Biblical reasons to hold to a Young Earth. By that term, I mean thousands of years not millions. No one knows precisely the age of the earth, but that’s not what is being … Continue reading

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What Ken Ham Should Have Said to Bill Nye

In one of his rebuttals or his closing statement, it would have been refreshing to hear an Elijah mock the prophets of Baal. ____________________ Mr. Nye, I’ve heard you reference Creationism with words like “extraordinary” and even faux surprise as … Continue reading

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Science Fiction Rather than Creation

Though it’s too difficult to believe in a supreme Being who created the world, and though it is laughable to think that there is a written account that is inerrant, and though Jesus Christ’s claims can be scoffed away, here … Continue reading

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“Six Work Periods and One Rest Period”

The pattern is six work periods and one rest period. Hugh Ross’ explanation of Exodus 20:11 “For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. Therefore the … Continue reading

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