The Consequences of Fornication

Whether pornography, premarital relations, strict adultery, or homosexuality, satisfying sexual appetites in immoral ways brings dreadful and far-reaching consequences. This list originally arose from meditation on Proverbs 5 and serves as a helpful tool in preaching, counseling, and personal sanctification.

  1. It shows dishonor to my Savior Jesus Christ to whom I have committed my life and eternal destiny.
  2. It sets a habit of selfish expectations.
  3. It hinders me from walking in the Spirit.
  4. It prevents my prayers from being answered.
  5. It diminishes lawful pleasure in marriage by setting up unrealistic expectations, storing covenant-breaking memories, and crassly revealing the mystery of conjugal intimacy.
  6. It plants seeds that may be reaped in my spouse and children.
  7. It steals my reward when Christ returns for He will repay every man according to his faithfulness.
  8. It causes disease.
  9. It brings guilt and emotional pain.
  10. It damages my reputation with my wife, children, church, family members, and unsaved friends.
  11. It weakens the integrity of the family by producing illegitimate children, cracking the foundation of marriages, and teaching all parties that integrity is not as important as personal gratification.
  12. It adds strength to the common though unstated notion that women are objects to be consumed.
  13. It increases poverty in a society because prosperity is dependent on strong families and workers with integrity, both of which are undermined by promiscuous pleasure.

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