A Famine of Fathers

I asked 6 young men in our church a few questions while we were digging last Saturday:
1. “Did you live with or have a consistent relationship with your father growing up?”
All 6 said no.

2. “Did your father make a significant impact in helping you to grow up?”
All 6 said no.

3. “Who would you look to as an example of a respectable man in your life–the kind of man that you might want to be like? Maybe he is not a believer, but at least he is dependable. Is there any man in your life that you admire?”
One: my unsaved brother because he supports me and my mom.
One: my unsaved uncle.
The other 4 said no.

Either fatherhood is not important, or we should expect a society where this is common to exemplify a history-making train wreck.

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