Africa is Reached With This “Gospel”

As I returned from preaching in the village, a man struck up a conversation with me as he was selling watermelons from his bakkie on the side of the road. Here is the conversation as I recorded just moments after it happened.

Pastor: Are you the pastor at Elim?

Seth: Yes, sir, and are you also a pastor?

Pastor: Yes, my church is in Nzhelele.

Seth: Are you one of those pastors who loves money?

Pastor: I am trying to point people to Jesus.

Seth: …but do you love money?

Pastor: Yes, I love money…

Seth: …but Paul says we must not love money, it is the root of all evil.

Pastor: [With rising heat] Do you think this is the way a man of God should live by selling melons on the side of the road?  it is not nice for a pastor to be poor and to be selling watermelons like I am on the side of the road.

Seth: Why not? Paul was poor and Jesus was poor?

Pastor: no, he was not. He was rich.

Seth: The Bible says in Timothy 6 that if you love money you are opening the door to all kinds of sins. You will be pierced by many sorrows and will lose your soul. You said you love money didn’t you?

Pastor: Yes, I do love money because you have to have money to live.

Seth: We’re not talking about using money wisely, I asked if you love it. And you said you did. On the authority of the Bible, you are a false pastor and in great danger.

Pastor: [Perturbed] Go well.

This particular pastor has a vehicle with white lettering all over it and Christian messages. There’s rural African Christianity. Please pray for a revival and send your best men as reinforcements.

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