“A Christian Feminist Manifesto”

Image result for picture feminist hillary clintonIn hopes of seeing the greatest success, human prosperity, and spiritual blessedness among the women of the world, while at the same time refuting and guarding ourselves against those practices that have most uniformly degraded the female sex, we commit ourselves to the following principles.

  1. As a Christian feminist, we oppose abortion since by this practice millions of women are murdered and since it turns women into objects that males can consume without the most obvious natural consequence.
  2. As a Christian feminist, I reject all government and institutional quotas since it implies women are incapable of merit without help.
  3. As a Christian feminist, I promote motherhood since it is too difficult and too important to be handed over to the state or a daycare.
  4. As a Christian feminist, I rejoice when I hear that a woman is able to stay at home full time (Tit. 2:5) to serve her husband and children since her greatest happiness will usually flourish in the home.
  5. As a Christian feminist, I raise my daughters to be quiet and submissive since that which pleases God (1 Pet. 3:1-4) benefits her in every way and no other path can lay so many benefits at her feet as that which is given by divine revelation.
  6. As a Christian feminist, I ordain only men to be leaders or to teach in the church since no woman was ever helped by directly contradicting the words of God (1 Tim. 3:2; 2:11-14) and since femininity is too important and beautiful to throw away.
  7. As a Christian feminist, I glory in Biblical femininity since God designed women to enjoy the greatest comforts by following the pattern He made for them.
  8. As a Christian feminist, I teach abstinence to all unmarried people since women have been devastated by the sexual revolution and only the boundary of monogamy protects women.
  9. As a Christian feminist, I endorse the strongest penalties for domestic violence since women should never be subject to physical pain by the men in their lives.
  10. As a Christian feminist, I promote the death penalty for the majority of cases of murder and rape since a society that fears such crimes will be much more peaceful for women to live in.
  11. As a Christian feminist, I support capitalism since it alone brings to society the everyday blessings women enjoy such as appliances, clothing, superior homes, and computers.
  12. As a Christian feminist, I despise the politically correct mood which bars us from speaking the truth since no woman has ever really been helped by lies, and all are helped by the truth.
  13. As a Christian feminist, I protect free speech since women are not only capable of discerning and responding to logical errors in arguments with which they may disagree, but they are strengthened by that process.
  14. As a Christian feminist, I speak against Islam since by it polygamy and wife-beating goes unnoticed in the general public and since all female Muslims will be finally lost.
  15. As a Christian feminist, I encourage young men to marry and young girls to plan for marriage since a lifestyle of “dating” robs women of stability, hope, and purity and since marriage is the best plan for the great majority of women.
  16. As a Christian feminist, I dedicate myself to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ since no one loves women if she allows them to go to Hell without laboring for their conversion.
  17. As a Christian feminist, I interpret the Bible according to the normal rules of language since this approach unleashes the truth for the benefit of all women who have ears to hear.

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In short, as a Christian feminist, I am a conservative Christian since that is the best way to help women.


Why don’t those who call themselves feminists support the proposals that would most tend to the happiness of women?

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2 Responses to “A Christian Feminist Manifesto”

  1. Richard Cairns says:

    Excellent Manifesto. You might add a thought to be modest in dress and appearance. It would be great if these thoughts could be circulated throughout professing conservative churches and not just on a blog.

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