Killing is a Common Sin: The Doctrine of Murder 4

Who thinks they have murdered? The percentage of people is large who will admit to lying. But almost no one thinks they have either done this or are seriously tempted with it. This is, however, a very common sin first in the world and then by average men.

5 ways the world commonly commits the sin of murder

  1. Anger: Jesus connected anger to murder in the first sermon He ever preached (Matt. 5:21-22).

2. War: If a war is unjust, then it is the largest theater for the sin of murder.

3. Homicide: The law recognizes 3 or more senses in which a man may be involved in actually killing someone else.

4. Abortion: By protecting and promoting this sin, the world protects and pays for murder.

5. Indifference to the punishment of murder: We take part in the sin of murder by not hating it and wishing for its just punishment in society (Pro. 24:11-12).

3 senses in which most men are guilty of murder

  1. We have all been angry. Anger is the root of murder. Therefore, we have all taken part in murder through our unjust anger.

2. We have all sinned which is the reason the Father crushed the Son in death (Is. 53:4-6).

3. We have all done less than we should have to save those who have been delivered to death (Pro. 24:11-12). Have we actively done our part to end abortion? Have we been consistent in evangelism?

When God saves us, He is saving very bad men because He is saving those who deserve death.

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