A Healthy Church Checklist

There are 50 points in this list, and each one is worth 2 points. How healthy is your church?


  1. Allowing as members only those who have been born again
  2. Testimonies of conversion required for membership
  3. Humility as a mark of the members
  4. Holiness as a mark of the members
  5. Wide-spread Bible reading and memorizing
  6. Members are consistent in their church attendance
  7. Church discipline practiced when necessary
  8. Building and maintaining a meeting place


  1. Only men in leadership
  2. Multiple men in leadership
  3. Godliness and Biblical wisdom as the chief requirements for leadership
  4. Men being trained for leadership
  5. Leaders enjoy reading
  6. Leaders’ families love the Lord


  1. Encouraging men to lead their homes
  2. Encouraging women to be homemakers
  3. Training children to be Christians
  4. Consistent family worship among members


  1. Talking about evangelism, missions, and conversions especially from the pastor.
  2. Actively trying to evangelize in the community
  3. Supporting missionaries from other churches
  4. Sending missionaries from their membership
  5. Energy and creativity to start ministries in the church’s unique time and place
  6. Strengthening other churches or pastors


  1. Verse by verse teaching
  2. Preaching the person and work of Christ
  3. Adherence to the Five Solas
  4. Adherence to the doctrines of grace
  5. Speaking the truth boldly on controversial matters
  6. Pleading with sinners in pulpit, Bible studies, and children’s classes
  7. Rejecting false doctrines unambiguously
  8. A written doctrinal statement
  9. Looking for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Public meetings

  1. Music driven by the fear of God and chosen by mature judgment
  2. Mature and prolonged prayers in public services
  3. Clothing that does not distract from thoughts of God
  4. Baptizing believers only
  5. The Lord’s Table consistently administered
  6. Warm toward visitors, other members, and Christians
  7. Rejecting entertainment in worship


  1. Regular offerings
  2. Giving something to the pastor
  3. Full support of the pastor
  4. Standing without outside support
  5. Generous toward the poor and the lost


  1. Consistent church wide prayer meetings
  2. Majority of members attend prayer meetings
  3. Significant time spent praying for spiritual requests
  4. Praying for missionaries consistently
  5. Commonly seeing answers to prayer

____ Total Score (2 points per mark)          

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