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The Biblical Basis for the Three “Self’s”

New Testament churches should be autonomous. Autonomy comes from two Greek words: autos (self) + nomos (law) = Each group is ruled by itself. Church autonomy does not mean freedom from God, but from other churches. Autonomy does mean submission … Continue reading

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The Birth of a New Church

An Indigenous Church In roughly 15 years of preaching, Paul the apostle visited over 20 places that are listed in Acts leaving churches in each place. Our calling is the same though our gifts and godliness are a shadow of … Continue reading

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Ethiopia Then, Cambodia Now

Guest post by Forrest McPhail, churchplanter among the Khmer of Cambodia The Winds of God: How the Gospel Swept the Four Corners of Southern Ethiopia by Raymond Davis is an interesting little book. God works different ways at different times … Continue reading

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Whunga Baptist Church: A New Church in a Poor Area

A special joy known only to those who love the church of God rests on the birth of a new assembly of believers. After years of evangelism and preaching, the Whunga Baptist Church was officially formed on Sunday, 20 March … Continue reading

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11 Reasons Churchplanting in Poor Areas is Difficult

Paul preached at Thessalonica for 3 weeks before leaving the area because of persecution (Acts 17:1-10). When he left, a solid church was planted whose faith was spoken of throughout the world (1 Thess. 1:8). Yet, churchplanters in the poor … Continue reading

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When Hurting Helps 2: Ignoring Churchplanting and Evangelism

Read Part 1. With nearly 250,000 copies sold, When Helping Hurts is touching a nerve in the church. As I worked through the text keenly interested because of the ministry God has called me to, I was consistently disappointed. My … Continue reading

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Lasting Love Vs. Temporary Love: An Interview With a Rural, African Churchplanter

Over the last few days we have had the privilege of hosting Pastor and Mrs. Wastemore Sarireni in our home and at our church in South Africa. This couple lives in an undeveloped area in Zimbabwe with the church they … Continue reading

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