9 Problems with the Prosperity Gospel

The prosperity gospel will find no corner in which to hide its head on this blog, so let me start with a simple list of problems inherent to the message that Jesus died to deliver us from poverty.

  1. The prosperity gospel is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. The prosperity gospel urges sinners to commit idolatry.
  3. The prosperity gospel denies God’s sovereign purposes for pain as revealed in Scripture.
  4. The prosperity gospel ignores Biblical teaching on wealth.
  5. The prosperity gospel discourages logical thought about the Bible, a work ethic, sickness, economics, and politics.
  6. The prosperity gospel requires other heresies to support it such as deification and positive confession.
  7. The prosperity gospel inoculates people from hearing the truth because they think they already know Gospel.
  8. The prosperity gospel has never been accepted in the Christian church until the 1980’s.
  9. The prosperity gospel contradicts the lives of the many godly but poor believers in the Bible and history.
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5 Responses to 9 Problems with the Prosperity Gospel

  1. Hi Seth, my name is Damon and I run a groupblog of mostly Ex-Word of Faithers posting about The Word of Faith Movement. Our blog URL is http://thewordonthewordoffaithinfoblog.com/

    I got your post here because I have a Google Alert for the WoF Keyword the “Prosperity Gospel”. And I’d like to get your permission to use your post here as a jump off into an open thread and discussion on our site where we would hopefully further expand you list of problems with the PG and expound some on each of the problems. And hopefully out of this in a week or so I would be able to write a really good article on the problems with the PG – with the help and input of visitors to our blog.

    Lately I have mostly been focusing my ministry time on exposing and trying to educate others on the danger of Islam, so I don’t post on the WoF blog as much as I used to. So I would like to do this to liven the blog up some and see if I can get some people participating and interacting with each other again. We used to have a support group and we found that it really help ex-WoFers to get to know other Ex-Wofers. And I would like to see this open thread and discussion to get some of us EXers back to interacting with each other again. So I hope you will let me use your list here as a jumping off or starting point and that you too might even participate.

    Also since your a missionary in South Africa, if you was to ever write on the influence of the WoF and the PG in Africa,, we would be very happy to repost such an article.

    thanks for your consideration
    and have a blessed day

    • Seth says:

      Hey, Damon,

      Your comment was a surprise since I just started the blog and haven’t even announced it yet. But I would be more than happy for you to repost. Lord-willing, I will be writing again on the PG since it is so prevalent over here.

      And I’ll be interested to check out your Ex-wofers site. What a great name.

  2. TY brother, I’ll make that post soon and you should get a Pingback to let you know. Please participate if you feel moved to. And I subbed to your site so I’ll keep an eye on your postings brother. TY again and best wishes on your new blog. 🙂

    Maybe these will come in handy for you. http://ithemes.com/tutorials/

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