Expect Our Children to Know the Lord

After Bible class today, Colin (age 5) told me with fear that he wants to be a Christian.

Today we learned two questions:
Q 58: Can you be saved if you have no desire to follow Jesus?
A: A believer must be willing to follow Jesus Christ. Luke 9:23

Q 59: How should you act before you are saved?
A: Before I am saved, I must strive to enter in at the narrow gate. Luke 13:24

I drew a picture of a path going to Heaven with a gate in the shape of a cross on the road. Before the gate is another road leading to Hell. I had put numbers on the road marking four positions:
1. On the road from the city of destruction, but not near the narrow gate;
2. Very near the narrow gate (the Cross) at the junction of the broad road leading to Hell;
3. Just inside the narrow gate and past the broad road;
4. Further down the road past the gate and leading to Heaven.

Colin said he was at position #2 just outside the gate. Then Caleb, Colin, and I prayed that we would all enter the gate. After prayer, Colin came to me in tears saying he really wants to enter the narrow gate. He then asked God for a new heart and for strength to love and follow Jesus.

“We will receive none who fail to yield evidence of the new birth, however old they may be; but we will shut out no believers, however young they may be. God forbid that we should condemn our cautious brethren, but at the same time we wish their caution would show itself where it is required. Jesus will not be dishonored by children: we have far more cause to fear the adults.” Spurgeon

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