Prosperity “Churches” Are Indistinguishable from Witchcraft

Be sure to read the text on the pictures.

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And then…




Is there any difference between the prosperity gospel and witchcraft?

When you pray for missionaries and churchplanters in the rural areas of Africa, these are the faces that the servants of Satan take to themselves today.

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2 Responses to Prosperity “Churches” Are Indistinguishable from Witchcraft

  1. Nathan Foran says:

    Here in Brazil, the Deus é Amor (God is Love) church took a page right out of the spiritist playbook and were calling people to come be delivered from the “evil eye” or the “fat eye” – a supposed curse that envious people have put on you that keeps you from having more stuff. Wow. Gets a crowd though so it must be of God, right? Thanks for the good posts.

  2. Seth Meyers says:

    And yet using Christian terminology, the unsuspecting fall so easily.

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