A Letter I’d Love to Receive

The following letter is from William Carey’s mission board in London in 1801 upon the conversion of the first Indian, Krishna Pal. Nearly seven years had passed from Carey’s arrival until Krishna’s baptism.

Dearly loved in the Lord,

The joy of our hearts was great, when the news of your [Krishna’s] conversion reached us. In you we see the first-fruits of Hindustan, the travail of our Redeemer’s soul, and a rich return for our imperfect labours, to which the love of Christ constrained us. Now, we beseech you, stand fast in the Lord.

To unite with the church below is to be akin to that which is above. Satan divides men from God and one another. The Gospel makes us one. You were once darkness, but are now light in the Lord. Walk as children of light. Put off all that is evil; put on Christ’s new man. Abhor every kind of idolatry. Lay your account with persecutions. This was the Master’s lot, and must be yours. Blessed is the man that endureth temptation. Let your chaste and holy conversation, your uprightness and gentleness, your firm adherence to the Truth continue to refresh us. Pray and strive for the salvation of your fellow countrymen. Recommend to them the Gospel by your long-suffering and love.

Andrew Fuller

A letter of this caliber would encourage both the missionary and the new convert.

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