Virtue Lists of the New Testament Believer

In two days, I hope to preach about the glorious effects of the resurrection of Christ in the lives of His people from Colossians 3:1-17. As I prepared and meditated on that passage, the list of virtues in 3:12-16 stood out to me. So I took an hour or so this morning to combine and compare the virtue lists of the New Testament.

It seems that the true spirituality and self-denying grace presented in these lists is commonly missing from professing Christians. May they not be lacking from our lives.

Matt. 5
8 Virtues
2 Cor. 6
8 Virtues
Gal. 5
9 Virtues
Eph. 4
6 Virtues
Col. 3
11 Virtues
2 Pet. 1
8 Virtues
Humility BrokennessHumilityHumility
Gentleness GentlenessGentlenessGentleness 
Hungering for righteousness   
MercifulKindnessKindnessCompassion KindnessBrotherly love
Peaceable PeacePeacePeace 
Enduring sufferingPatiencePatiencePatiencePatiencePerseverance
Knowledge Word of truthKnowledge of the WordKnowledge
 Holy Spirit    
Power of God    
 Goodness  Virtue
  Faith  Faith
 Self-control  Self-control


  • 27 different terms are included in these lists.
  • But because of similarity of ideas, it appears there are roughly 19 different virtues.
  • The idea of patience or longsuffering is the only virtue in all 6 lists.
  • Kindness is the next most mentioned virtue in 5 of the 6 lists.
  • Gentleness, Peace, and Love are in 4 of the 6 lists.
  • Christian graces conspicuously missing include boldness, courage, diligence, generosity, and initiative.


  • The Christian life is uniquely marked by grace, self-denial, restraint, and considering others.
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