Sins of Unbelievers in the New Testament

Having compared and listed the virtues that the NT presents as being dominant in the Christian life, here are the largest lists of sins in the NT compared to demonstrate the kind of life that marks those who are outside of Christ.

Since I am not skilled with design, I will just post the chart in three different ways, screenshot, cut and paste, and PDF. A few brief observations and conclusion are below.

Mark 7
13 Sins
Rom. 1
22 Sins
1 Cor. 6
10 Sins
Gal. 5
15 Sins
Col. 3
11 Sins
1 Tim. 1
11 Sins
2 Tim. 3
19 Sins
Tit. 3
8 Sins
Rev. 21
8 Sins
Evil thoughts   Evil desire  Various lusts 
Fornication FornicationImmorality ImpurityImmorality ImpurityImmoral  Immorality
Theft Theft Swindle      
MurderMurder   Murder  Murder
Adultery Adultery      
CovetingGreedGreed Greed Loving money  
Sensuality  SensualityPassion    
EnvyEnvy Jealousy Envy   Envy 
SlanderSlanderSlander Slander Slander  
PrideArrogant Boastful    Boastful Arrogant Conceit  
Foolishness      Foolish Deceived 
 Homosex.Homosex.  Homosex.   
 Strife Strife     
 Malice  Malice MaliceMalice 
 Gossip    Gossip  
 Hate God    Hate good  
 Inventing evil       
 Disobed.    Disobed.Disobed. 
 Without understand       
  IdolatryIdolatry    Idolatry
   Sorcery    Sorcery
   HatredWrath  Hateful 
   AngerAnger  Hating each other 
   Disputes Divisions Factions     
    Filthy talk    
    LyingLying Perjury  Lying
     Lawless. Rebellious.   
      Loving self  
      No Self control Reckless  
      Brutality Treachery  
      Love pleasure  
      False religion  


  • Other lists could have been included such as Rom. 3:10-18; Eph. 4:17-19; Eph. 4:31; Eph. 5:3-5; and 1 Pet. 4:3-4.
  • Fornication is the singular sin that is mentioned the most as the mark of an unbeliever.
  • But relationship sins including anger, lying, and slander is the category that is the most dominant across the whole NT.


Sexual sins, anger, and sinful words are the great dangers for a Christian. These sins specially mark the world, and they should not even be named among us for it is disgraceful even to speak of such things.

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