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The Book I Wish I Could Have Written

When writing The Conservative Church, De Bruyn sang as he slew, especially in the last 100 pages. He argues: A church must have a care to preserve true doctrine and a holy lifestyle, but especially, in these days, ordinate affection. … Continue reading

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Sincere, but Wrong

“When living in an egotistical age, it is hard to convince people that what they give to God sincerely may not be acceptable to Him. Narcissism imagines that God must simply melt at the sight His child’s scribble-drawing, knowing how … Continue reading

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Master the Arts for the Sake of the Church

At very least, Christians have to know music, poetry, rhetoric, and architecture. Music because we’re told to sing; poetry because we’re told to sing hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs; rhetoric because somebody’s got to preach; and architecture because we’ve got … Continue reading

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Brief Introductions to Orthopathy

Three contemporary authors have helped me get a grip on right feeling and its applications in the church. 1. One of the 6 authors of A Conservative Christian Declaration is David de Bruyn who also wrote a 130-page book called … Continue reading

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Where the Differences Lie

Another blog post that should be a book. This comes from David de Bruyn at Towards Conservative Christianity. Where the Differences Lie April 25, 2015 Useful debate takes place when sparring parties understand their opponent’s position, and can represent it in … Continue reading

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The Power and Place of Ridicule

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