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Sincere, but Wrong

“When living in an egotistical age, it is hard to convince people that what they give to God sincerely may not be acceptable to Him. Narcissism imagines that God must simply melt at the sight His child’s scribble-drawing, knowing how … Continue reading

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There’s More to Worship Music Than Propositions

Saved in my digital library are a collection of about 10 songs that I formed into a playlist for running in the background as I am working at my desk. Now, I think the whole idea of running songs in … Continue reading

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Who’s on the Offensive? A Preliminary Discussion in the Worship Wars

Deciding who has the burden of proof can sometimes be a dicey task. By calling for fairness, equal time, or a spirit of mutual acceptance, this question can be twice complicated because it works on our feelings. And in the … Continue reading

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Is Music Immune?

If Christians recognize anti-biblical values in just about every cultural matter, why do they assume that music alone is immune from this cultural decay? Ken Myers as quoted by Scott Aniol

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“Contemporary Worship at 11!”

When we sing praise to an everlasting God, or sing about a Redeemer who died for us over two millennia ago, but do so employing musical forms that imply that the past is passé, we are communicating a mixed message. … Continue reading

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