The Power and Place of Ridicule

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4 Responses to The Power and Place of Ridicule

  1. kirinjirafa says:

    My first thought was that Elijah was pretty sarcastic with the prophets of Baal, and then I read the link and that was exactly what the article said… I suppose it’s okay to be frank about not taking something wicked seriously or treating evildoers with a certain dignity.

  2. Amy says:

    But then the questions come fast: Who decides what can be ridiculed? Someone else’s cultural practices? Someone else’s religious beliefs? What if it is true, but it offends them?

    • Seth says:

      That comment was me, logged in accidentally as a beautiful woman.

      • kirinjirafa says:

        LOL! I suppose “whatsoever ye would that men should do you…” isn’t a bad rule of thumb to follow, right? “Who decides what can be ridiculed” is a very pertinent question, and as I think about it, I’m wondering if there’s anything in the Bible insinuating that Elijah was actually in the right to speak as he did. Reading that line brought to my mind the thought that I can’t imagine any circumstances in which I could ridicule a person in humility.

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