Nine Biblical Reasons We Live on a Young Earth

  1. Death is a result of the Fall. (Rom. 5:12) Romans 8:20-23 confirms that all death is a result of the fall, not just human death. Therefore, no macro-evolution could have taken place.
  2. In the Millennium, regardless of your interpretation of these prophecies, the carnivorous nature of animals is removed. (Isa. 11:6) The Millennium represents a time when the effects of sin are being repealed. Therefore, the conditions of life in the Millennium represent the “very good” of Gen. 1:31.
  3. Exodus 20:11 compares the literal 24-hour Jewish Sabbath with the days of creation as well as the 7th day of rest.
  4. Gen. 1 describes the days with ordinals and “evening and morning.” In the only other places where these constructions are found, the days are 24-hour days. (Cf. Deut. 16:4 and 1 Sam. 17:16)
  5. Jesus assumed a young earth in the NT. In old earth cosmology, Adam and Eve happened 12-14 billion years after the first act of evolution/creation. This would put the creation of Adam and Eve relatively very near to the 21st century. But Jesus said they were formed at the beginning of creation. (Mark 10:6; 13:19)
  6. The “exegetical” problems with these hermeneutical conclusions are petty. For example, I heard an old-earth proponent argue that the earth was old because the sun wasn’t created until the fourth day. Therefore, the first three days could not have been solar days, and since they can’t be solar days, they must be long geologic ages. Interesting. Doesn’t he judge his position by “solar days”? Isn’t that the basic building block of the 14 billion years he claims the earth was alive?
  7. The Flood was global. “All the high mountains everywhere under the heavens were covered.” (Gen. 7:19) “The world at that time was destroyed.” (2 Peter 3:6) If the Flood was global, then fossils came from it not evolution. Also, the hermeneutic that produces a global flood also settles firmly 24-hour days just a few chapters earlier.
  8. The genealogies of Gen. 5 are meaningless if their 4,000 year record is actually 40,000 years (or more). Keep in mind that these genealogies do have Christological significance in Matt. 1 and Luke 3.
  9. Evolutionary theories are what would be expected if men are totally depraved–if they hate God (Rom. 3:11; John 7:7) and cannot stand his laws (Psalm 2:1-3). Christian academics who are swayed by the prevailing moods of the scientific community are also what would be expected if sin will increase as the last days draw toward consummation. (Matt. 24:12; Luke 18:8; 2 Tim. 3:1-5)
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