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Repentance at the Cross

Oh, how I hate those lusts of mine That crucified my God! Those sins that pierced and nail’d his flesh Fast to the fatal wood! Yes, my Redeemer, they shall die, My heart has so decreed; Nor will I spare … Continue reading

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African Funeral Music

On a chilly morning yesterday, I went to a funeral for the father of a pastor who has been my longest standing African friend. This man was converted while the remainder of his extended family have shown no interest in … Continue reading

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Evaluating Affections

What a reproach it is to the profession of the gospel to see a Christian just come from church and holy ordinances where his devout affections have been raised, and immediately to find him breaking out in vain, earthly merriment … Continue reading

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Rules for Conversations and Disputes

Some more high-powered advice from Watts. These come from scattered chapters in The Improvement of the Mind summarized and edited into this list. Talk with people wiser than yourself. Ask people about their specific area of expertise. Listen carefully before … Continue reading

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Rules for Enhancing Knowledge

These rules are culled and edited from Isaac Watts’ Logic as well as The Improvement of the Mind. Furnish yourself with a rich variety of ideas through an eager attitude, profitable conversation, and reading good books. Use the most proper … Continue reading

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The Power of First Impression

“We are ready to be carried away by that quality which strikes the first or the strongest impressions upon us, and we judge of the whole object according to that quality, regardless of all the rest; or sometimes we colour … Continue reading

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