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Logic is Divine

If an argument is indeed valid, its validity holds for all times and all places. That is, its validity is omnipresent (in all places) and eternal (for all times). Vern Poythress, Logic: A God-Centered Approach to the Foundation of Western … Continue reading

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How to Converse Well

Mortimer Adler’s advice for good conversation. Stick to the issue. Stay within the framework of the subject under consideration, either as a whole or with respect to one or another of its parts. Don’t wander off and talk about something … Continue reading

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Rules for Conversations and Disputes

Some more high-powered advice from Watts. These come from scattered chapters in The Improvement of the Mind summarized and edited into this list. Talk with people wiser than yourself. Ask people about their specific area of expertise. Listen carefully before … Continue reading

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Rules for Enhancing Knowledge

These rules are culled and edited from Isaac Watts’ Logic as well as The Improvement of the Mind. Furnish yourself with a rich variety of ideas through an eager attitude, profitable conversation, and reading good books. Use the most proper … Continue reading

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Seven Basic and Brief Pointers for Writers

Though I wasn’t able to figure out how to smoothly reblog this post, I am certainly able to figure out how to cut and paste this excellent list from Doug Wilson. _____________________ In no particular order of importance, I would … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Illustrations

Perhaps you can relate to an illustration gone awry. Let me illustrate. Two conservatives are in a discussion, and one compares the other to a liberal. The friend who has been illustrated sees this as an unfitting epithet whereas the … Continue reading

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Sin is Inconsistency

For both believers and non-believers, though in different ways toward each group, sin is a kind of inconsistency. The believer claims to love Jesus Christ, yet at the moment of sin, his heart is set in opposition to Christ. If … Continue reading

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Help With Consistency

“As you think and write, keep asking how someone might find fault with what you say. This simple process–really only an outworking of Christian humility–will help you to avoid invalid arguments and inconsistencies.” John Frame, The Doctrine of the Knowledge … Continue reading

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The Power of First Impression

“We are ready to be carried away by that quality which strikes the first or the strongest impressions upon us, and we judge of the whole object according to that quality, regardless of all the rest; or sometimes we colour … Continue reading

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