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Five Reasons I am a Presuppositionalist

Presuppositionalism argues that without the Christian God logic, morality, and science are impossible. Therefore, a rational debate cannot even take place without certain gifts that the one true God gave. It is the height of folly to take those gifts … Continue reading

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How to Evaluate Movies

While looking for a source today, I came across chapter 3 of a book by John Frame where he offers 12 ways to judge films. Left unstirred by his list, I compiled a few questions myself to ask about movies. … Continue reading

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Help With Consistency

“As you think and write, keep asking how someone might find fault with what you say. This simple process–really only an outworking of Christian humility–will help you to avoid invalid arguments and inconsistencies.” John Frame, The Doctrine of the Knowledge … Continue reading

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If Only I Had Three Hands

My right hand holds the London Baptist Confession of 1689 pretty firmly with only a few exceptions—like defining the pope as the antichrist (a pretty common hermeneutical conclusion back in the Luther-Calvin-Council of Trent days). And Tolkien’s Lord of the … Continue reading

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