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The Pastor Who Preached in Boxer Shorts

A parable for all those missional types Once upon a time there was a pastor of a church somewhere just above smallish. Living and preaching outside the city of Coolumbus for over a decade had given him plenty of time … Continue reading

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Honest, Clear, and Short

This guy passed me on the path the other day, and I wondered what businessman planned to print shirts like this. Was he wondering if it would catch on, or was he sure that he’d just hit on a cash … Continue reading

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We Are All Cessationists

In light of the Strange Fire Conference from last week, and the apparently negative press that John MacArthur is receiving, this may be a good time to demonstrate that Reformed Charismatics are cessationists too. Of the gifts listed in Scripture, … Continue reading

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Pentecost Was the Nicest Non-Essential the Church Ever Received

From the perspective of Covenant Theology (CT), the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit including all the unique ministries He executes on behalf of new covenant believers was a very nice, yet non-essential addition to an already-functioning old covenant church. … Continue reading

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The Unity of the Covenant of Grace?

If a group of Reformed brothers were enjoying a repast and the question was posed to them as to how best to summarize the unifying theme of Scripture, it is fair to say that the term “covenant” would be high … Continue reading

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Sin is Inconsistency

For both believers and non-believers, though in different ways toward each group, sin is a kind of inconsistency. The believer claims to love Jesus Christ, yet at the moment of sin, his heart is set in opposition to Christ. If … Continue reading

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Help With Consistency

“As you think and write, keep asking how someone might find fault with what you say. This simple process–really only an outworking of Christian humility–will help you to avoid invalid arguments and inconsistencies.” John Frame, The Doctrine of the Knowledge … Continue reading

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Who Are We to Say that Lance Was Wrong?

Last Wednesday while my bakkie rolled toward town for my weekly trip I listened to Feisel call into the national radio station, SAFM, to air his thoughts on their open line. “Look, I don’t know what everyone’s getting upset about with Lance … Continue reading

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