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A Review of Dane Ortlund’s Gentle and Lowly

Introduction Gentle and Lowly is an expositional attempt to tell us what Christ’s heart towards sinners and sufferers is. The answer provided in this book states that Christ is full of compassion toward those who are hurting. The key text … Continue reading

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Hard Work for Christ: John Wesley

Introduction In 1732, a woman named Susanna wrote a letter describing how she raised her 19 children. “When [they] turned a year old (and some before), they were taught to fear the rod and to cry softly. … that most … Continue reading

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Tensions in Scripture

Preliminary Thoughts about Tensions in Scripture Categories of Tensions in Scripture Principles for Interpreting Tensions in Scripture

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Bible Word Count

Some years ago, Jeff Kranz used Logos to prepare a list for the number of words in each book of the Bible. Having used that list often, I eventually compiled a list of the most prolific authors of Scripture. Longest … Continue reading

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Is Evolution True? A Book Review of Francis Collins’ The Language of God

What could possibly make a man see the incredible complexity of the DNA code in the human genome and still come away with any respect for evolution? Answering that question is Francis Collins’ burden in these 11 chapters although he … Continue reading

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Eight Lessons from The Scots Worthies

John Howie was apparently an illiterate farmer (xii) who gathered the papers of many men and republished them. The Scots Worthies (627 pages, reprinted by Banner of Truth) covers about 200 years of great men from 1500-1700. 1. Many highly … Continue reading

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Seven Reasons the Song of Solomon Refers to Christ and the Church

The Song of Solomon could save, strengthen, and sweeten many marriages. It is full of wisdom and pleasure to that end as the intent of it’s author, King Solomon, son of David who was probably describing marriage with his first … Continue reading

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The Destruction of Christless Empires

By guest author: Caleb Meyers The cause of any nation’s downfall is one of the most interesting and debated subjects. This is especially true if the nation in question was a powerful one, or if it fell in a sudden … Continue reading

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The State of South African Religion Pictured in Three Brief Encounters

Within 24 hours, from Sunday afternoon June 20th until Monday morning June 21st, I met three different men—two black and one white—who summarized neatly what I have observed from reading history, conversing widely, and studying Scripture for the last 17 … Continue reading

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Power From on High: The Amazing Success of Charles Spurgeon

Introduction Listen to the lecture. The statements of the Book of Acts startle the imagination. 3,000 saved in one day (2:41); a few days later, 5,000 more (4:4). New spiritual births were taking place each day (2:41). Solid, enduring churches … Continue reading

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