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How John Piper Should Have Responded to John MacArthur

First of all, I would like to publicly take my stand obeying texts like Romans 16:17 to mark and avoid those who change the gospel. That is an entire category of texts, not just an isolated example. Paul says similar … Continue reading

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A Reason to Love Election

Frankly, the only reason to believe in election is because it is found explicitly in God’s Word. No man and no committee of men originated this doctrine. It is like the doctrine of eternal punishment in that it conflicts with … Continue reading

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We Are All Cessationists

In light of the Strange Fire Conference from last week, and the apparently negative press that John MacArthur is receiving, this may be a good time to demonstrate that Reformed Charismatics are cessationists too. Of the gifts listed in Scripture, … Continue reading

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A Self-esteem Corrective

Salvation, then, does not come to sinners because they are inherently desirable, but because the Son is inherently worthy of the Father’s gift. After all, the purpose of redemption is that the Son might be eternally exalted by the redeemed—it … Continue reading

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25 Questions to Ask the Text

To strengthen my eyes’ ability to see the text, here is a list of 25 questions I am in the habit of asking when I am preparing to preach. Who is speaking? To whom is this verse written? Is this … Continue reading

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