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Africa’s God~ ATR 1

“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” (A. W. Tozer, The Knowledge of the Holy) We all wear mental “glasses” that control what we think about God. Most of us … Continue reading

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Little Gods: The Deification Heresy

Some false teachings are so bizarre that one wonders how anyone can believe them. Yet people do believe the charismatic doctrine of deification. Deification is the belief that the incommunicable (non-moral) attributes of God can be given to men. Examples: … Continue reading

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Three Financial Warnings for Missionaries

Resist the overwhelming urge to think that money will make a church plant successful. As Americans, we think that to have a church means money to rent a building, advertise, pay the pastor, and have transportation. Do not give in … Continue reading

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The Birth of a New Church

An Indigenous Church In roughly 15 years of preaching, Paul the apostle visited over 20 places that are listed in Acts leaving churches in each place. Our calling is the same though our gifts and godliness are a shadow of … Continue reading

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Three Chains of African Traditional Religion

The animism that is commonly called African traditional religion is one more example of depravity in false religion. Here are three chains with which the demons behind this system bind so many millions on this continent. If you sometimes wonder … Continue reading

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A Different Spirit: African Churches That Don’t Like the Gospel

Not five meters from where I was sitting on the front row, I heard an African pastor shout, “Command it [money] into your bank account!” The scene is fresh in my mind since I just returned this evening. Here are … Continue reading

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Ethical Dilemmas of a Missionary

Ethical Dilemmas of a missionary Over the past few years, these lists have slowly emerged from our personal experience. At the least, these questions remind us to pray for pastors in general and missionaries in particular that they would have … Continue reading

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Prosperity “Churches” Are Indistinguishable from Witchcraft

Be sure to read the text on the pictures.   And then…     Is there any difference between the prosperity gospel and witchcraft? When you pray for missionaries and churchplanters in the rural areas of Africa, these are the … Continue reading

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Ethiopia Then, Cambodia Now

Guest post by Forrest McPhail, churchplanter among the Khmer of Cambodia The Winds of God: How the Gospel Swept the Four Corners of Southern Ethiopia by Raymond Davis is an interesting little book. God works different ways at different times … Continue reading

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Evangelism and missions Have you ever known a charismatic who moved to a poorer culture with a different language for the sake of planting churches? How could you answer an experienced missionary’s contention that the practices of tongues and miracles … Continue reading

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