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The Trouble with Illustrations

Perhaps you can relate to an illustration gone awry. Let me illustrate. Two conservatives are in a discussion, and one compares the other to a liberal. The friend who has been illustrated sees this as an unfitting epithet whereas the … Continue reading

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“The Language of Faith”

Recently, after my wife commented that our little church really didn’t have money yet to build our church building she was puzzled when the man responded to her that the church actually did have the money. He argued very simply … Continue reading

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The Unity of the Covenant of Grace?

If a group of Reformed brothers were enjoying a repast and the question was posed to them as to how best to summarize the unifying theme of Scripture, it is fair to say that the term “covenant” would be high … Continue reading

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25 Questions to Ask the Text

To strengthen my eyes’ ability to see the text, here is a list of 25 questions I am in the habit of asking when I am preparing to preach. Who is speaking? To whom is this verse written? Is this … Continue reading

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